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Boathouse on Gull – Carriage House

This 1200 s.f. Carriage House is a wonderful additional rental for our guests already renting out the Boat House.
It is a fully furnished two bedroom, one bath apartment — above the garage — hence a Carriage House.
It offers a full kitchen, living room, laundry, TV and WiFi all its own.
As your “guest house,” it serves those extra friends, in-laws or couples who can come up to visit during your stay.
Our discounted rates for the Carriage House rental are economically priced.
We do not and will not rent it out to guests outside of your reservation.

While it offers privacy for guests who might not be on the same schedule as you, or vise versa, access to The Boat House
and its excellent beach is easy and accommodating.
But please, no pets nor unaccompanied, single children.